Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yesterday, I was at Red Neck Middle School. They were ROWDY! Not a lot of funny things happened. I got kind of angry with them.

Today though, I subbed at Rich Kids Middle School. They were pretty well behaved. I got TOTALLY lost on the way there this morning though. Google Maps left me in the middle of a field saying that I was at a school that wasn't even there anymore. So I called the main office and let them know I was lost somewhere behind a plant and there was a guy sitting on a porch of a dilapidated house with no shirt on staring me down hard. I was pretty sure I was about to be killed by some hill people. Then I snaked my way through a neighborhood that was nothing but dead ends. I'm pretty sure I was in a paradox at some point because I drove in a square that was all dead ends. There may be a worm hole in the country now. I finally got there with 15 minutes til the bell still. Go me! This school had a really nice set up for subs. You get a folder when you walk in with ALL of your instructions. And they have sub feedback cards.

These kids were all pretty nice and we had a good ol time. I told them stories about the various scary places there are in Monroe like the never ending road and the abandoned KNOE tower. I got more notes that said Mrs. Lay = Mrs. Awesome. I had some students want to add me as a friend on my teacher Facebook and some of the girls took pictures with me! It was fun! I was going to have lunch with my super awesome cousin Joey, but I had to leave at 11:45. =( The sub across the hall from me was also my age and she also had notes on the board about how much the kids loved her. We were partners in work shirking! I informed all the students that Joey was my cousin. I hope he got cool points for that.

In my third hour class there was an aid. Somehow we got into a discussion about Angelina Jolie's lips. He was under the impression that they looked good. I informed him of his misunderstanding. Then the girl students and I had a laugh at the expense of duckface and other stupid model poses.

Then I went out to East Redneck High School for two hours. I got to see my favorite piano class! The power went out because of the storm which freaked some people out. I love those piano classes because they take care of themselves. We played piano and chatted. I told them subbing stories. Definitely a good sub day!

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Aaron said...

Funny! Im sure you will have some good stories.