Monday, January 23, 2012


Today, I subbed at Giganto High. I parked at the exact opposite corner of the school that I needed to be. Imagine a square and then imagine the diagonal corners opposite from each other. I was at one corner and the main office was at the other. Then it was a nice long trek through 5 wings to the history wing where I taught Civics.

The classes where pretty good. I got hit on BLATANTLY by a 15 year old. Then he told me he was about to have a kid. It made me sad bigtime. The other students confirmed that he was indeed about to be a baby-daddy.

According to the kids, I taught them at a quicker pace than their normal teacher. And I gave them a good lesson in active voting. The first class found out that I sing opera and asked me to sing. So I had them vote, and only with a majority vote would I sing. I then informed them that apathy counted as a no vote, which actually made ALL the students vote. (They all voted yes too.) So I sang some opera for them. Then in third hour, someone said "Will you sing for us too?" So word had spread. And spread to 4th and 7th hour. So I got to sing for kids today.

In sixth hour, I had the freshmen class. They were kind of a bummer. I think they were tired because they just sat there. But, one kid did say something blatantly racist which I replied to with this: I literally replied to it with that exact picture on the SmartBoard.

I think other things happened, but I am distracted by 30 Rock. I like Giganto High.

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Aaahahahahhahaaha love the GIF!