Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I guess this is about food now...

Well, thanks to Pintester and the Pintester movement ( am finally trying out this cake.( )

Aaaaaaaand my camera broke! FML!!!! I'm going to break something! So I'm going to leave the blog the exact way I had it with little place holders for the pictures. You'll just have to imagine because I am pissed off!!

I pinned this things over a year ago and have just never had a reason to make it. Well now I do! Because the internet told me to!! Hopefully we don't end this pin like this....
[pic o me chugging wine]

I'm going to blog this live, so here's my set up.
[picture of laptop on washing machine]

So I'll mix a little, type a little, bake a little, type a little. I've got a miniscule kitchen so this should be fun. And by fun I mean highly frustrating.
[pics of tiny kitchen]

Here's a shameless selfie of me in an apron! Cooking!!
[pic o' me with whisk]

So let's get started! And right off the bat I'm doing something wrong. I need three of these pans. Let me text a neighbor...
[pic o 2 pans]

Neighbors don't have one. Two it is! I'll decide later if I want to just make two layers or bake in two separate batches. Let's get mixing!
[maybe vine video of mixing]

I have decided!! I will make a two layer cake, and a few cupcakes for the neighbors, even if they didn't have the pan I needed. I'm a little concerned at how liquidy the batter is. And it tastes pretty boozey. I can't tell if that's good or not, yet. Maybe I need to finish the bottle of wine before I decide.
[pic o liquid batter] [pic o pans with batter]

Oh well! In the oven! And while that bakes I'll clean up and make the frosting.

[lota butter pic] That is FOUR WHOLE STICKS of butter being whipped to a frenzy. Now I remember why I keep not making this. It's gonna be about 2,000 calories per bite. Alright, cupcakes are out. Since I can't cut them in half and put blackberry preserves inside them I just made holes in the center and put a spoonful in them while they're hot so it'll melt down into the cake.
[pic o cupcake]

And here are the cakes!
[pic of cakes]

Ok, I really hate waiting for cakes to cool. What am I supposed to do? Oh wait.....
[pic of wine in glass]

Oh wow. That has got to be the absolute sweetest wine I've ever had in my life. I think I'm going to have to cut it with scotch or something.

Waiting is boring.... [vine video]

Alright, I've iced the cupcakes while the cakes cooled. I am not of the school that thinks you need a giant turd swirl of frosting to make a cupcake good. I am reserved with my frosting. And if you don't like you can eat it. Or don't. Because you don't like it. [
pic of cupcakes]

Well now dinner is in the way of my baking. So brief hiatus whilst I nom.
[pic of dinner]

Back to baking! I've got to cut these layers in half (managed to do that with only a small amount of failure) then stack em up an frost em. (So I took pics with my phone from here on out for some reason. Should have just done that from the start!!)
Now it sits in the fridge for 30 minutes. And I make ganache! This stuff looks gross right now.

Double boiler!
Now I pour it over the cake a voila!
Not nearly as pretty as the pin. Balls! But I'm tired and I just don't have it in me to make this pretty. Plus, look what I still have to clean.
 Now, the question that has been burning in me for the last year. How does this heifer taste? Every time I look at this pin I think "I should really make that. But what if it's terrible?" So here's a slice.
And the verdict is...

 It's........meh. I think a box cake mix is moister, easier, and generally tastier. So I'm going to go with fail. Now excuse me while I take out my frustrations with the rest of the liquor in the house.
[pic o me giving the finger to everything]


Jodee Rose said...

Well, it looks like it would taste delicious, but I understand that deliciousness=effort/outcome. That is why cake made by someone else always tastes better.

Also, solidarity, I was a sub for 8 years. Good times.

Sonja Foust said...

Awww, it was pretty at least! And, hey, cake. Good job and thanks for participating!

Lisa from Louisiana said...

hahahahahah can't stop laughing!!!