Thursday, February 16, 2012

1st period update 2-16

I wouldn't normally update in school, but this is just too funny not to tell right now. One of my students had a friend put her number on a website and say that it was Miranda Lamert's number. Bummer for her. So she gets phone calls all the time now. Well a guy happened to call in first period and she answered. He asked if she would sing for him but then the call cut out. So we decide if he called again that we would put it on speaker and I would sing opera for him. Well soon after he called back and asked for her to sing. So I grabbed the phone and laid down some Deh Vieni including the recitative! After I finished he exclaimed "I LOVE YOU" and hung up. We all lol'd pretty hard! And that was first period!

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Lisa from Louisiana said...

That is amazingly funny & GREAT!!!