Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I've eaten enough chocolate today to satiate even the hungriest of 7 year olds. I subbed at "School I student taught at" High School today. Notable discussions were "Was Beyonce actually pregnant?" The answer to that was a no. We also discussed the "If she doesn't know what this is, she's too young for you" meme. They all seemed to know what the things were except for 8-bit. We also discussed the creepy sub in one of the other classes. And of course we all discussed who was doing what for Valentine's Day. High School valentine drama makes me LOL. All the "who sent who what color rose and who didn't get their girlfriend something" etc. Everyone asked what I was doing and I said "NOTHING!!!!" with lots of emphasis. Because as much as I love Steak au Pauvre, I just really don't want to cook tonight. So Dr. Who and cuddles it is. Ok, my trapezius (I like that word) makes it kind of hurt to type. So, Fin Carlson.

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